About DGS

DGS Interparts is the right partner for all your steel related projects.


Years of experience in the sector and a good eye for detail makes of DGS Interparts your ideal supplier in the steel and metal industry.


With offices, representatives and production facilities in Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Germany and Turkey.

DGS Interparts is well represented and has acquired a strong position in the market since her foundation in 2003


Because of years of knowledge and experience, the use of modern equipment in combination with the commitment of highly educated personel and their expertise. DGS Interparts offers you high quality solutions.


Safety, quality, involvement and expertise are our key words. We want to deliver to our customers the highest level of engineering, production and construction at a real competitive price with the best result.


In Short, we are a strong and flexible company that adjusts itself to a changing market of supply and demand.

Therefore our customers can rely on us at all times.


Companies can outsource carefree their production to us



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